Understanding the big picture before it rests in a frame behind glass is nearly impossible. A picture must be complete and seen in it’s resolute state to teach and share it’s truth. Until that point of completion, what is possible is to see, appreciate, and learn from the small portions of an evolving picture. Each part encapsulates an energy, truth, lesson, and understanding which will eventually create a masterpiece. As inpatient human beings, we want and demand a finished product. We must know what is in it for us at the end of a thing if we are to engage from the beginning. We thrive on the cover shot at the finish line and often forget or hurry through the important and necessary steps whose transport made the celebrated finish possible. In so doing, we can and will never truly understand or appreciate the big picture to it’s extent.

LEARN.TO.LOVE.THE.PROCESS. before rushing to the end. 

Long lines are annoying and can be an instant triggor for a bad mood. Impatient- short-sited-long lines bring out the worst in the human race including: Respiratory gruff by huff, tapping foot tremors, displeased facial distortion,  elevated blood pressure, and a myriad of other physically and emotionally negative symptons. You know the drill. In fact, I’ve never known anyone who prefers to stand and wait in a long line. In most scenarios, first in line is preferred, coveted, and envied.
Consider though, the front position sees the end, but only the end.  The back, however-what a ride! The “back” has an unique opportunity to experience, learn, relate, question, process, enjoy, and adapt before ever arriving to the end. You see, it is here that there is experience gained in our journey to the end. Whether it be a long day of training at work, the desire to learn about an employee we don’t understand yet want to motivate, or a several year process that teaches us humility, integrity, or compassion-the journey will create the end. Truly, the opportunity to actively engage from the “back of the line” should be coveted above all. Placement and journey from the back to front gives a complete picture of understanding, and probably a far more perceptive and accurate than the same picture as viewed by the first in line. 

Life, if it is to be lived honestly, successfully, and fully is truly a journey of learning through experiences and fragments of the whole. To live life’s  process parcel by parcel is far more brilliant in it’s journey, then to arrive at the end void of the experience. Stop and appreciate the pieces of the picture that facilitate growth, opportunity, knowledge, understanding, and individual beauty.  Arrive at the end of a thing having fully engaged with the journey. Be patient knowing that the final picture is so much more because of it’s pieces.


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