-In trials I grow.
-In trials I am stretched.
-In trials I have options on what and how to deal with the situations in which I am confronted.
-I should not make my trials a problem or a trial for others around me.
-In resolving or dealing with a trial, it is never right to do wrong or neglect responsibilities or previously made promises.
-In trials, I must stay positive so I can think wisely and clearly find solutions and resolutions.
-In trials, I should not let my pride, selfishness, or comfort zone keep me from embracing a solution that does not feel simple, good, or easy.
In trials, I become the me that is not possible without a trial to grow me, stretch me, teach me, humble me, test me, remind me, educate me, and improve me.
-in trials I will be thankful for the opportunity to navigate successfully through to the trial’s end.
Standing on the other side of a trial, I am able to look back and see the simple to immense blessings it brought, the valuable and needed lessons it taught, and a renewed and enlightened pattern in mindset and thought that will serve me well as I navigate each day I am blessed to continue to live, and breath, and experience this one miraculous life.

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