In restaurants, it’s not the successful experience we create that makes it all work; it’s all the hard work we put in that makes the experience so successful. Every facet of the restaurant operation builds upon itself. From the Back-of-House finances where crucial number crunching is paramount in establishing a strong foundation, to the consistently genuine presentation and service to our guests by a well-trained and comfortably knowledgeable staff- every element of our restaurant must work well. No department is more important than another, and all demand dedicated focus, seasoned expertise, and a vigilant commitment to truly create and exceed guest expectations and experiences at every opportunity. No successful restaurant experience is created or achieved without hard work. Commitment to diligently “work” at creating a wonderful restaurant experience will inevitably generate the rewarding outcome of a satisfied and a loyal customer base. This, in turn, will yield steady and increasing revenue that is foundational to the working success of every department. Compensated employees from the incoming revenue ensure a hard working team. Therefore, HARD WORK=WELL RUN RESTAURANT =EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE =SATISFIED GUEST=REVENUE=COMPENSATED AND MOTIVATED STAFF=HARD WORK=WELL RUN RESTAURANT=EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE =SATISFIED GUEST =REVENUE, ETC…and the circle repeats to continued success after success. When all is said and done, the entire theme of success is predicated upon two words-“HARD WORK”. Remember the words of perhaps the world’s greatest inventor, Thomas Edison? “Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”!

To set out as a restaurant team to embrace and achieve HARD WORK, is to step out together in ensuring our own success as a restaurant, as professionals, as a team, and in the experiences of each and every guest who we are privileged to serve.

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