I WANT TO LIVE TODAY, BREATH TODAY, SMELL THE SPRING AIR, FEEL THE WARM LIGHT, KNOW THE GIFT OF LIFE, AND KNOW THE MIRACLE OF EACH SECOND I AM BLESSED TO BREATH AND EXPERIENCE EVERYONE AROUND ME . Let love through kindness rule my day. Let my face show kind love, let my words speak kind love, let my actions give and demonstrate love’s kindness, let my thoughts begin and return to the blessing of love, let me be thankful for the love and kindness shown toward me always, let me demonstrate gratitude for love recieved by showing kindness and love in return, let me remember that God is love, and my Mom always showed only love because of her love for Him. Problems, responsibilities, and concerns will come. Let them be met with a careful tone that need never turn it’s back to love and kindness while tackling each difficulty. Today, let me live not only kindness, but also the thankfulness that is love. Let my words speak praise and encouragement to others out of a thankful heart for each individual and their place in my life. Let my strategy originate with thankfulness for every opportunity I am given- be it positive and easy or uncomfortable and difficult. Let me lay my head tonight with peace of heart and mind that I gave genuine love, kindness, and thankfulness to everyone and everthing. I am truly blessed beyond words.

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